Sunday, February 2, 2014

Noro Bias Lace Scarf

by Susan Ashcroft.  Free pattern found on  And gorgeous Noro from Tinsmith's Wife selection!

Noro Silk Garden

just can't beat Noro colors

Pam rec'd this one Thanksgiving 2014 -- along with matching fingerless mitts

This may be my new fave pattern!  Easy and lovely.  I used Noro Silk Garden for the first one.  It's a worsted weight.  Pattern called for a size 10 needle.  I accidently used 10.5 and loved it!  I stopped after 2 skeins in order to have a shorter scarf.  I will use 3rd skein for fingerless mitts.

left: noro tairo sock yarn
right: noro silk garden worsted weight 
love the unique coloring in this one
Used size 7 needles for the fingering weight, Noro sock yarn.  Making this one extra long.  Jerri and I saw this yarn made up in a long Windowpane scarf at Tinsmith's Wife last week.  I feel in love with the yarn colors, but since I don't crochet, I decided to go with the bias lace pattern again.

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