Friday, February 28, 2014

Chalkboards.....remember those?

Chalkboards are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  In fact, I found the chalkboard paint pretty easily at the craft store and at Lowe's.  But I'm having a heck of a time finding chalk!

After Scott gave me a couple of cool cigar boxes, I searched Pinterest for some ideas.

 Today I decorated them for the grandsons and added chalkboard paint to the back, like the one above.

Asher's chalkboard

then I got one of these cheap plastic frames

and painted the front...........on a very windy day

The frame will be used as one of those "welcome" signs for my kitchen table when company comes.  I will add some buttons or bows to decorate the corners.  And will continue the search for chalk.

found some at a Michael's in San Antone

See my Seaglass?

 my inspiration off of Pinterest
ok, so not as smooth as the pinterest pic

but I kinda like it

This is a very quick, easy project.  Next time I may try less food coloring.  I think this would be a fun touch when giving someone flowers.  Or button flowers!

We stuck it!!

(and Connie scooped it)

my inspiration
Jackie learned to make these last winter in the FL rv park where they stay. She showed me hers and convinced me that we should try these at JCRV. In December I saw one or 2 at a church shindig in Texarkana.  Guess they are pretty trendy in the crafting world right now.

our deco serving knives.....and Connie's giant spoon! love the ones that are so loaded with beads.
 They were much easier than I expected.  I actually was kinda dreading working with beads.  But it was fun and I think this would be a great hostess gift or holiday gift.  It'd be super easy to make up several.  These serving knives can be found at Dollar Tree, Walmart, or thrift stores. Connie supplies us with her beads, wire, and tools. Thx, Connie!

mine prob had the fewest beads on it.  Took be about 5 minutes. 

Connie, Vickey, and Jerri getting their beads on

so focused

Darlene even made a beautiful one with one hand!

We did it!

Cigar Treasure Boxes

I rec'd a couple of cool cigar boxes from Scott Schnelle in 2012 and finally figured out something to do with them. Until today, they had been handy storage boxes for some of my craft gadgets.

When our kids were little, one of our family crafts together was decoupaging boxes.  They saved them for a long, long time! One of these days maybe we can do that with Andrew and Asher.  In the meantime, I decided to decorate the cigar boxes for them, since our next visit with them will be so short.

I got some scrapbooking paper, cool, foamy stickers, chalkboard paint, brushes, and modpodge and got started on one of the few warm days we've had this winter in the hill country. Tho the heat helped them dry faster, I will say that doing this on a windy day prob wasn't the smartest thing.  But it ended up ok.

I added some chalkboard paint to the bottom of it -- it can be propped as they write on it
 My first try with chalkboard paint.  Now the trick is to find some chalk.  Not as easy as you'd think in this day of dry wipe boards!

a hip pocket from an old pair of jeans is glued to the inside for secret stuff
 I used Elmer's glue on the hip pocket, but will go back and use some hot glue.

I'll fill them with fun stuff before I give them to them on our next trip to Doo-Dah

 I think our grandsons will find good use for these.  Thx, Scott!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Farmer's Market Bag

by Kathryn Ashley --- free on

Love the stitches in this pattern.  Calls for a size 11 needle in the body (size 7 for the top of the bag), which I broke as I was knitting the first round in the body of the bag.  I had a choice of going to a 10.5 or a 13 --- cuz basically I didn't want to wait til I could go buy another 11.  I chose the 13 which makes for lovely stitches for a bag. It does use more yarn that way, so I may need more than the 3 skeins.  I'm using 3 (or 4) colors of Borroco Weekend Chunky.  Looks and feels great!  Thx, Jerri, for the yarn!

the bottom on the bag seamed with mattress stitch

I think next time I may try to bind off in the round as I would a cap.  But this time I followed the pattern and learned how to seam with a mattress stitch.  I thought it worked well and looks nice!

finished!  now for the strap!
Yep, I needed a couple of more skeins.  Used 4 1/2 total.

used size 13 for the strap
I wasn't sure how to attach the strap as the pattern didn't say.  So I consulted Dawn and Jerri and ended up just threading an embroidery needle with the Chunky, and did some weaving.  And some whip-stitching and weaving some more.  Then tied it off.  Feels pretty sturdy.

nice big bag

I can always add a knitted flower or 2

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fat Quarter Pillow

Melinda gave me a beautiful batik fat quarter which she rec'd at the Creations anniversary sale.  So I made a little pillow out of it gave it right back to her.  And added some knitted flowers.  Love how it turned out. And something fun to do with fat quarters and leftover fab.

it actually would've looked great in our camper! :)

 Melinda said she has the perfect place for it

some of Dawn's leftover tablerunner fabric

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flowers! Cute as a Button!

Saw this idea on Pinterest and thought I'd use some of my late mom-in-law's vintage buttons for a table centerpiece.  This literally took me about 10-15 minutes!! 

I used cut floral wire -- 97 cents at Walmart -- and put it through the buttonholes, wound it around the "stem", wound the stems together, and placed in a 50 cent thrift store vase!  What a fun and cheap gift idea.  However, this one is staying in our camper since they were Wanda's buttons! 

a little vintage, a little whimsy

just used a scrap of fabric to tie a bow

made these with new buttons for Frank and Sondra's new place -- the white buttons were Wanda's
these are a memento of Andrew's baptism May 25, 2014, as a reminder to bloom where God plants him
(the jar is the one I painted with glue/food coloring)

He seemed so appreciative

Monday, February 17, 2014

Rugged fingerless mitts

Quick, Easy, Fingerless Mittens by 21cg on ravelry -- I think. I really can't remember for sure who they are by, but the free pattern includes a couple of videos which helped me a bunch! Super easy and quick!  I used Noro silk garden to match my scarf and size 7 circulars.  Not knitted in the round, so a seam was necessary.  These are rugged, snug mitts. Fun look. And because it's Noro, the colors are fun and funky.

just a hole for the thumb
I cut the length cast on down a bit
and there's still enough to roll up cuffs if wanted
same Noro color as this scarf
 Pam got the set for Thanksgiving 2014

Bouquet of Needles

my inspiration at Tinsmith's Wife
 Now I'm on a hunt at thrift stores for vintage wooden knitting needles!
thrift store teapots can be changed out by season

added a touch of autumn later

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Baby Cocoon

This will be a much better pic when Baby Joseph is in it
And when his daddy isn't wearing it as a hat
2-11-14:  I used  Lion Brand Homespun and it's soooo soft! This beautiful teal blue is great for a boy or girl.  I started it yesterday and finished it this evening.  I thought I'd put a soft purple or goldish/yellow flower on it if Jakeb and Lacey had found out they're having a girl.  But as I was actually knitting it, I learned they are having a boy, Joseph Alexander Goff.  Debating on adding a pompom to the bottom.  Trying to decide how that would wash. Big ole buttons would be cute, too. Just not sure how comfy that'll be if baby is on his tummy.

added a giant pompom

went ahead and added a big ole button to the front

just layered 2 cool buttons and tied them on for easy removal if necessary
Baby Joseph arrived July 6th, 2014
how sweet is this?!
This will be for Baby Girl Fromm -- I'm thinking of adding a flower on the bottom

I can't remember the pattern name or creator, but I found it on ravelry. Instead of working with 2 strands, I used the Homespun which is a worsted weight.  I would suggest some size 13 dpn's for the end, tho I had 2 sets of circulars which did the trick.  I would also recommend a cable shorter than 24'.

Funny story about Baby Girl Fromm.  I messaged Jenn and told her I'd made something for Baby Girl and to be thinking of when we could get together.  She thanked me but told me they were having a boy.  I coulda sworn I'd read on fb that they were having a girl. Oh well, I'll have one made for Baby Boy Fromm in a week or 2. She seemed pretty certain that they wouldn't want him in pink.  Meanwhile, Baby Girl Lynn will get the pink cocoon.  I added a knitted flower with a pink button in the middle to the bottom of the cocoon.  Turned out nicely.

Baby Boy Fromm's on left
Baby Boy Watts' on right

My friends Dave and Jackie asked me to make a couple for new babies in their family

here is their Baby Asher in his cocoon
this one is for Keasha' baby girl, Olivia

A couple of Wanda's blingy buttons brought it all together
For Sue Jackson's new grandbaby -  above

showing our Jimmie's server, Rizzo, some cocoon pix as she opens hers

Niece Lissa rec'd the above cocoon and burp rags for her first baby, Wren Elizabeth.  Wren will make her debut in late May or early June 2016!

Nathan and Dara will be having their FIFTH baby M in July 2016.  The above cocoon and and burp rags are for him.

May 2016:  Beautiful Baby Wren Fogel in her cocoon above.  Snug as a bug.

July 2016:  Above is Malachi Goff.  Hope that little finger gesture isn't about the cocoon!  LOL.

Size 13 needles

Working with 2 strands of yarn together, cast on 44 stitches loosely.
Place stitch marker on needle at beginning of round.
Knit in the round until piece is 48cm/19 in long.
Next Round: K2tog to end of round. (22 stitches on needle)
Next Round: Knit.
Next Round: K2tog to end of round. (11 stitches on needle)
Cut yarn leaving 25cm/10 in tail.
Thread darning needle with tail and thread through the remaining 11 stitches.
Pull tight and secure.
Darn in loose ends.