Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Farmer's Market Bag

by Kathryn Ashley --- free on ravelry.com.

Love the stitches in this pattern.  Calls for a size 11 needle in the body (size 7 for the top of the bag), which I broke as I was knitting the first round in the body of the bag.  I had a choice of going to a 10.5 or a 13 --- cuz basically I didn't want to wait til I could go buy another 11.  I chose the 13 which makes for lovely stitches for a bag. It does use more yarn that way, so I may need more than the 3 skeins.  I'm using 3 (or 4) colors of Borroco Weekend Chunky.  Looks and feels great!  Thx, Jerri, for the yarn!

the bottom on the bag seamed with mattress stitch

I think next time I may try to bind off in the round as I would a cap.  But this time I followed the pattern and learned how to seam with a mattress stitch.  I thought it worked well and looks nice!

finished!  now for the strap!
Yep, I needed a couple of more skeins.  Used 4 1/2 total.

used size 13 for the strap
I wasn't sure how to attach the strap as the pattern didn't say.  So I consulted Dawn and Jerri and ended up just threading an embroidery needle with the Chunky, and did some weaving.  And some whip-stitching and weaving some more.  Then tied it off.  Feels pretty sturdy.

nice big bag

I can always add a knitted flower or 2

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