Sunday, October 26, 2014


Adele Scarf is a free pattern on  It's so easy and pretty.  I even make a couple of bookmarks with that pattern after I made the scarf -- downsizing from 10.5 needles to 2.  Can't really see in the pix, but the yarn for the scarf is red with silver "twinkles".  It'll be great for the holidays!
It should prob be blocked.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ladies' Bibs

Edith gave me this bib idea about 4 years ago. A lady makes some wonderful ones for Edith and her friends. 

 The stitches are beautiful and the fabric she chooses is always fun and seasonal.  I finally got around to trying it this fall!! Minus the great stitching.  Found some gorgeous cotton fabric at the Material Girl fabric shop in Wichita.

 I learned a few things along the way.  NEXT TIME, I will sew pockets on before I stitch up the 2 sides.  I will also fold the fabric in half for cutting it out -- made a "half pattern" -- so the sides will match up better.  

I will also have to figure out a way to sew the velcro tabs on without tearing up my sewing machine!  That was cray cray.  I ended up sewing them on by hand and they prob won't last too long. Edith may want to just use this one in the privacy of her own apt! But I'm motivated to try another!  With me, the first time I try a project (whether it's knitting or sewing) it totally comes out looking like one of the states.  I believe this one could be MN!

side one

side 2

From Knee Socks to Armwarmers

Found the above pattern on pinterest. Thought about Brooke because of her nerve issues in the cool/cold temps.

got some not-too-thick knee socks at Walmart
takes about 2 seconds to make these
 Now that I've tried them, I think thick ones would be just fine.  And I also think it doesn't have to be knee socks!  Just depends on if ya want them up to your elbows or not!

too long or tight?  slouch 'em!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

foo-foo cowl

Last winter Jerri gave me of her leftover some orange acrylic and a thin, feathery yarn.  So I used both strands and knitted a fun cowl for a little girl.  Just a straight knit and very easy.

I love how it turned out!
doesn't baby Ava look precious in it?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Watch Locket

Totally want to try to make some of these.  Patrick Sheehy made this one for Joan.  He just got a watch from a resale shop, took the hands of and smoothed the face with sandpaper and inserted Joan and their precious grandson.  Love it!

David did this one for me!  I love it!

Found the above watch at Carolyn's Closet on the AR side and David got me fixed up!

Brooke & I used to sport these big ole Twinkie watches, so it was only right that I use mine to make a watch locket for her. She's rockin' it along with her jamberry nails!

I made this one for myself with Laura's wedding pic.  Edith got one of these, too, with a blingy watch.  Which she had donated to the cause.

Easy Peasy Cowl

by Jennifer Casa

I used DK yarn and size 6 needles.

Great pattern for a little warmth this fall and winter!

this one went to Linda Sue