Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mariner's Scarf

Found this free one on Ravelry as I was looking for a new man scarf pattern.  It is published by the Seamen's Church Institute. They have other patterns as well, and welcome donated scarves,hats, etc for their mariners.  

This one uses about 300 yds and is a classic basket weave pattern.  I used 100% Peruvian Highland wool by Cascade Yarns.  This is some yarn I found at the Yarn Garden.  I'm on my second one now and am making it out of the same fiber, different color for a fella from Chicagoland.

Jimmy is the proud recipient of my first one -- at least he has his shirt on!

Gus got a brown one 

his is a silky merino mix

he actually wears it!!

this one is Mann's -- 100% Peruvian Highland Wool
he looks good in it --- even with the tag still on it!

Laura and Mann:  Thanksgiving 2014

Christmas 2015:  Making this for the boys of all ages in our life for Christmas!  See below,

Razorback red!

Jackson Lemley has one now to go with Sam the bear's red scarf

cutest little 5th grader and ring bearer ever!

Gus' 2015 scarf is in a "burnt" orange for his TX Longhorns

Ryan Campbell's is in Razorback red - he's rocking it at Chloe's cheer competition

12-25-15:  all the Goff boys got one for Christmas this year

Another Super Easy Earwarmer Pattern

Marlee Kay Goff

Decided to use this pattern for "stash earwarmers" gifts

 Joseph, Lacey, James, and Jakeb Goff

Bill Boy Goff

 Miller and Manning Goff

Macie, Marlee Kay, and Jakeb Goff

and great project while watching tv

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Quite Simply.....Scarf

Kris Basta (author of Gallatin Scarf) created this wonderful, easy pattern, too. She named it Quite Simply.......Scarf!  Love it.

I should make a game of finding the sonic cups in my blog pix

makes a great shawl or scarf

I did my first one out of 2 colors of the Queensland Kathmandu Chunky.

my second is out of this lovely fingering yarn from Tinsmith's Wife

Feb 2016:  I sent this one to Lisa for her Feb bday.

Gallatin Scarf

Great pattern that's free on
It's a 2 evening project while watching TV.  Or as Dawn says, a good one while traveling.

my first 2 have already found a home

I used some Queensland Kathmandu Chunky yarn for this -- Merino'Silk/Cashmere

Berroco Comfort (nylon/acrylic) made up into one soft scarf
beautiful stepdaughter, Crystal, rocked this one for Black Friday shopping 2014

You can keep going or stop any time on the "ridges" at the top of the scarf.  The thing I learned on this pattern is that casting on at the beginning of each row really is a thing!  Kinda stumped me for a minute.  But, like everything else in knitting, there's a demo on the internet.  So I used the backwards loop cast on for each for -- sort of.  I did the BL onto the left needle.  So really, it was probable a backwards backwards loop.

one of the softest Noro's I've used -- feels like a cotton ball

love this pattern

Add caption

aren't the colors great?

Rocky likes to pose for his pic, too
10-24-15:  I made the 2 scarves below as a "thx" for a couple of ladies who helped with Laura's wedding!

for Toni Kemp Lemley for making Laura's veil

for Betty Sue Nix for organizing the reception and keeping the wedding process going

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Adele Scarf is a free pattern on  It's so easy and pretty.  I even make a couple of bookmarks with that pattern after I made the scarf -- downsizing from 10.5 needles to 2.  Can't really see in the pix, but the yarn for the scarf is red with silver "twinkles".  It'll be great for the holidays!
It should prob be blocked.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ladies' Bibs

Edith gave me this bib idea about 4 years ago. A lady makes some wonderful ones for Edith and her friends. 

 The stitches are beautiful and the fabric she chooses is always fun and seasonal.  I finally got around to trying it this fall!! Minus the great stitching.  Found some gorgeous cotton fabric at the Material Girl fabric shop in Wichita.

 I learned a few things along the way.  NEXT TIME, I will sew pockets on before I stitch up the 2 sides.  I will also fold the fabric in half for cutting it out -- made a "half pattern" -- so the sides will match up better.  

I will also have to figure out a way to sew the velcro tabs on without tearing up my sewing machine!  That was cray cray.  I ended up sewing them on by hand and they prob won't last too long. Edith may want to just use this one in the privacy of her own apt! But I'm motivated to try another!  With me, the first time I try a project (whether it's knitting or sewing) it totally comes out looking like one of the states.  I believe this one could be MN!

side one

side 2