Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cool(ing) Neckwraps

Darren,  my fitbit friend, wore the one I sent him in his half marathon in LR

Found another idea on Pinterest to help keep me cool when walking or hiking.  I combined a couple of the patterns and instructions to come up with what I liked.

David likes the wider ones

fold bandana into a triangle

bring tip up to folded edge

then fold again

Stitch along open edge, lengthwise.  Then stitch width-wise about 2-3 inches from one end.

Pour 1/4 tsp of cooling crystals into the wrap and shake down to the stitch you just did.  Don't be tempted to use more crystals than that because they WILL expand when wet. Then stitch again about 4 or 5 inches up.  Pour another 1/4 tsp in, stitch another 4 - 5 inches up, pour again, then stitch closed about 2-3 inches from the other end.

Caution: do not let pets or children eat the crystals.  Tho not toxic, they may expand in tummy.

Instructions: soak in cold water for 30 minutes. Cooling neckwrap (or headwrap) should keep you cool 2 - 3 hours.  To re-cool, soak again for a couple of minutes.

When finished, allow it to dry flat.

Jack at ACRV found a good way to wear the one I made for Debbie

Rocky gets a Razorback wrap

Darren  rocking his in a LR event 
nephew, Jakeb, got one for his next run

Lizzie looks purdy in hers

Nathan is rocking his!


it worked well for Nathan during his half-marathon
Feb, 2016
and his Little Rock Marathon March 2016

made another bunch this week for my GPNC peeps

March 2016:  Our grandsons tend to get carsick: hot and nauseous.  So I made them a couple of little Razorback wraps to wear on trips.  Hoping that'll help a little.

for the hatchery gang

Ashley works outside every day! I'm sure hers will come in handy

Betsy is always on the go -- she requested a couple of extra
Cheryl lookin' vacationy in hers!

June 2016:  Made a few for my DC Booth peeps.  The volunteers got either a navy one of khaki colored one to match our uniforms.  The employees got a pop of color.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Barbara Ruth Anderson

When I went in the Needle Nook looking for knit fabrics, I was surrounded by Barbara Ruth Anderson's (BRA).  Evidently, that is their current project.  They are teaching classes on them and told me they are super easy to make and actually fit!  Maybe one of these days I'll try to make some.  My boobies are what I'm losing with all my walking, so I def need bras that fit!

"Open Range" is one of their contest winners

I texted pix to my JCRV crafty peeps and suggested we try this next time we all craft together. LOL,  A couple of the husbands volunteered to do the measuring for us.  On second thought, maybe we should just stick with Belk or Kohls!

Mustard Scarf

my SAU besties rec'd one of these for Christmas 2015 at our little reunion weekend

Pattern from Ravelry by Jane Richmond

I love the way this one knits up. This is my current stash burner.  I have some nice one-skein yarns and that's the perfect amt for this project.  Add a cool button and it's a great Christmas gift!

I've already made a few and will post pix once I have the perfect buttons attached! (I've previously posted the Mustard Scarf on this blog, but made them longer and without the buttons)

excited to give these to my besties!

Flip Flop Wreath

When Scott and Brenda Schnelle stopped for a visit in Wichita this summer, Brenda showed me her latest craft.  A flip flop wreath!  They are heading to Florida for a couple of years so it's just perfect for her to hang beside her camper!

The ladybug in the center is a yard ornament.

Scott helped by punching a few holes where needed in order to tie it to the stake.

Thanks for the new idea, Brenda!! What a great gift idea for someone who loves the beach!

No-Sew T-Shirt Turbans

dil, Brooke, modeling hers

cut apart like so

I stumbled across this no-sew stretchy headband on Pinterest.  David had just bagged up some t-shirts to take to Goodwill, so I snatched them!  It starts off like the no-sew infinity scarves we made a few years ago.  Except even easier! AND IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!

pull tight and make a figure 8
then twist into a 2nd figure 8

You can make them as wide or as narrow as you'd like!

first try
Super soft and takes about 5 minutes or less! Because David's t-shirts were a little thick, I think these would be good to wear in chilly weather.  They can double as earwarmers!


I kept the first batch as wide as I could get them for some of my "big-haired" peeps.  My hair is thick but shorter, so I may skinny up the next batch I make!

Brooke -- one of my "big-haired" peeps likes it because it's not too tight

April 2016:  Brooke wore the blue one below to a chilly morning soccer game and Art at the Arb in the afternoon

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

stretchy headbands

niece, Laci is styling with both her headbands!
first batch

part of the 2nd batch

Now that I've started walking every day, and sweating a LOT while walking, I'm always on the lookout for a stretchy headband.  While they're easy to find, they can be pretty pricey.  Sooooo, I looked at Pinterest and found some patterns.

happily, there was no slippage while walking and sweating

this one is just a plain, straight pattern

this one is wider on top than at the back

this is the cheapest knit, and also the softest --- but no other prints in it

my fave pattern so far 

As with a lot of things on Pinterest, some details were left out because I guess they assumed some things are no-brainers.  So I'm learning as I go.

First of all a ball point needle is important for the sewing machine when dealing with knits.  Luckily, I learned this from the lady at JoAnn's before I started.  What I didn't learn ahead of time is that it's important to use a zigzag stitch with knits!  Otherwise, as with the headbands in the above pic, you can feel the stitches when you stretch the headband.  I did reinforce some of the stitching with zigzag, but not all.  It's not uncomfortable, but probably will snap before too long.  So my next batch with be zigzag all the way.

I was told the thread didn't matter that much, so I've been using all-purpose.  But someone else told me to use a cotton coated that will give a little.  hmmmm.  They're just headbands.  But we shall see.

love these prints that I found at Needle Nook

I think some of my outdoorsy peeps will get headbands for Christmas!

I discovered the Needle Nook today in Wichita.  They kind of specialize in knits. I'm still playing around with the various kinds.  There are polyester/spandex, rayon/spandex, rayon/polyester, jersey, and who knows what else.  I'd love to have a knit that has great patterns and is ok to sweat in........breathable.  So far, I haven't found both in one knit.  But it'll still be a fun gift! And super easy to make! And washer/dryer safe.

Rhonda chose one of my fave prints

I like how Becky C rocks both the black and the print headbands
Niecey, Nicole modeling hers

I made some for my fitbit challengers and sent them via Laci.  Thx for modeling, girls!

I can get about 4-6 headbands out of 1/2 yard of fabric!  That's opposed to about $7-$15 for one headband at the sporting goods store!

young child sizes
I had some fabric left over that wasn't long enough for adult sizes.  So I made some for some of the little girls in our life! Nice and soft.

And how about cute little Hadley Jo rocking her headband!
does Lacey's smile look like this emoji?