Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sock Monkeys

note my signature knee brace on my monkey

We had craft time at the Dewey for the staff the other night.  Gala taught us how to make sock monkeys (as well as some other critters). My monkey is pretty lumpy ----- or "muscular", rather.  I keep reminding myself that my first dishrag had 5 sides, so it'll get better with practice, right???

To begin with, get a couple of socks (they don't have to be the same), batting, embroidery thread/needle, reg needle and thread, scissors, and cool buttons.

cut one sock apart as shown above

turn sock inside out, baste 2 rows with a gap in between

cut up the middle and reinforce the seams
turn right side out, stuff legs
rolled up "flat" batting works better for the legs

turn opposite of creasing, cut heal off
stuff butt, body, and head
sticch up mouth, then stitch the heal onto the seamed mouth opening, and stuff

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  "I like to stitch the mouth on last so he can't scream while I'm stitching everything else",
Gala Solari

Hey, Hey, I'm a monkey!

Gala's duck
button feet
Gene trying to duck!  No pun intended. 
Hey, Hey, We're the Monkeys
future sock friends

my 2nd sock monkey -- pink knee brace
isn't he cute?


So David wanted some earwarmers for his chilly morning walks.  And I love to wear them myself. In browsing the patterns on ravelry, sooo many of the ladies' patterns were not done in the round and use a button or such to fasten them.  Love that look, but I want them in the round.

So I just use the first part of the Relax, Man hat pattern (the brim) for my earwarmers.

There is usually enough yarn left after making a hat to use for the earwarmers and flowers!
Shhh, these are for Justin and Brooke's bday

for the ladies, I'll add a knitted flower

For the ladies, I use a size 6 needle and cast on 88 stitches.  For the guys maybe a size 7.  Row 1, knit to the back, then knit one all the way around.  Row 2: knit to the back, purl one all the way around.

I do about 12 repeats and bind off using a stretchy bind off:  Knit 2 (or purl), insert left needle in the fronts of these 2 stitches and knit or purl the 2 stitches together. Knit or purl one more stitch.  Insert left needle into the front of the 2 stitches on the right needle and knit the 2 together. Repeat to end of row.  One stitch remains on needle.

Brooke's bday earwarmers

Sherryl and I bartered -- 5 earwarmers for one of her concrete pieces (other post)
Dee modeling her earwarmers
Myrna in her purple w/black flowers earwarmers

Needle Bracelets

Dawn sent me instructions on how to make these fun little bracelets....... out of KNITTING NEEDLES!  I'm sure it'd work with crochet hooks, too!

For plastic needles, as shown below, boil the needles for 15-20 minutes and shape.  Once you take them out of the water, they are cool enough to handle.

For metal needles, bake on cookie sheet for 15-20 minutes.  Use potholders to handle.

Triple Eyelet Border

This is my 3rd pattern from the Fiber Trends set of 3.  I might like this one the best. (tho I really love the Eyelet Lace also)

Neck heat

Shirlene told me about this easy little heating pad for my neck!  And between knitting and playing Panties, I NEED IT!!  Simply fill a sock with uncooked rice and tie it well at the end.  Microwave for about 90 seconds and ahhhhhh!  I keep it on the couch and use it often.  Thanks, Shirlene!!

Unlike Cliff, I did not spill a single grain!  :)  (David helped)

Headband Flowers

Found this free pattern on  Soooo easy and I love they way they look.  My intention was to learn to crochet flowers.  But I got impatient and I'm happy with these.  I'm going to make them for the earwarmers I'm knitting.  I've also made some into pins to wear on shirts and jackets.

I use size 6 or 7 needles, really doesn't matter. Cast on 60 stitches loosely w/long-tail method. Knit across 60 st.  KFB across 120 st, then knit 120.  Bind off leaving enough yarn to sew together the bottom of the flower.  

Fun to bind off in a different color!

Peaches and Cream yarn
Linda, me, Edna, and Sherryl wearing our flowers for Adopt-a-Bed weekend!
leftover origami

hot glued a table rock tac pin to center

"2 Stitch" kerchief

We spotted a shawl made from this free pattern at the Tinsmith's Wife.  The owner says he calls it the 2-stitch pattern, because it's basically, well, 2 stitches.  Love the look!