Friday, February 28, 2014

Cigar Treasure Boxes

I rec'd a couple of cool cigar boxes from Scott Schnelle in 2012 and finally figured out something to do with them. Until today, they had been handy storage boxes for some of my craft gadgets.

When our kids were little, one of our family crafts together was decoupaging boxes.  They saved them for a long, long time! One of these days maybe we can do that with Andrew and Asher.  In the meantime, I decided to decorate the cigar boxes for them, since our next visit with them will be so short.

I got some scrapbooking paper, cool, foamy stickers, chalkboard paint, brushes, and modpodge and got started on one of the few warm days we've had this winter in the hill country. Tho the heat helped them dry faster, I will say that doing this on a windy day prob wasn't the smartest thing.  But it ended up ok.

I added some chalkboard paint to the bottom of it -- it can be propped as they write on it
 My first try with chalkboard paint.  Now the trick is to find some chalk.  Not as easy as you'd think in this day of dry wipe boards!

a hip pocket from an old pair of jeans is glued to the inside for secret stuff
 I used Elmer's glue on the hip pocket, but will go back and use some hot glue.

I'll fill them with fun stuff before I give them to them on our next trip to Doo-Dah

 I think our grandsons will find good use for these.  Thx, Scott!

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