Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ipad cover

My upcoming project

modpodging with A & A

The boys got to modpodge their pix onto porcelain cups for their parents.  Of course they won't be dishwasher safe, so they can be used for candy, cotton balls, q-tips, anything!

getting the modpodge

sponge-brushing the modpodge on

they came up with ideas for cup usage
they picked out the scrapfabric gift bags


Butterfly snack bags

You can do these all sorts of ways.  But decorate a clothespin with marker, paint, glitter, whatever, and add eyeballs.  Pipecleaners as antennas if you 'd like.  Then fill up your baggy with treats and clip the clothespin in the middle to create the butterfly!

Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bags

I made these for Andrew's and Asher's camping vacay to Branson. I used the backs of shirts which I had left over from making bibs. Stuffed the pillow with quilt batting.

6-2013:  a year later, their stuffed animals are still sleeping in their sleeping bags

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


gotta love Pinterest!

Traveling Treasure Hunt

I put a few small items in each bottle, made a list of what is in which, and added rice.  As they travel they can shake it up to find the items on the list as their parents call them out.

Because our grandbabies are ALL BOY, I glued, taped, and rubberbanded the tops!

Potato Chip Scarf

Bamboo/Cotten blend from Comfort, TX.  Sooo soft

"Comfort" brand yarn i got in Comfort, TX

Potato Chip Scarf
You need 200 yds. of a worsted weight yarn.
size 9,10, or 11 needles.(I used 8, they definitely need to be bigger)

Cast on 20 stitches
Row 1.knit 8, turn, knit back to beginning.
Row 2.knit  6, turn, knit back to beginning
Row 3. Knit 4, turn, knit back to beginning
Knit across all 20 st.
Repeat these rows until desired length is reached. End off.
This scarf can look so different depending what yarn you use. A lightweight fancy yarn will make a gorgeous "dressy" scarf.