Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ya Ya's Twisted Rib Cowl

by YaYa on Super easy and I learned about that twist stitching situation.  I love the way that ribbing looks when all done.

I used an acrylic chunky that Jerri gave me when she was weeding out her yarns.  Nice and soft.

could be a snood

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Waffle Hat

it didn't take Asher long to figure out why this pattern is called "Waffle Hat"

Jacque's yarn from Flatland Alpaca Ranch
Jacque is the black one
Asher in his waffle hat
cool dudes

bank robbers

getting ready for hs game nite in Douglass

Asher's is a tad big -- next time I'll measure heads and then cut the pattern down from that

4x3TDHop - aka: "stripey"

the author let her boys name this pattern
author info
I let Andrew give the pattern a nickname: he called it "stripey"
a little loose, but they have growing room
fun pattern that was made from the top down
Jacque's yarn -- the boys picked this out -- gotta love alpaca! So soft and silky.
Jacque is the black one

bank robbers

getting ready for Friday night lights in Douglass

da boys

alpaca hats will keep a couple of guys warm on a chilly fall night