Monday, February 25, 2013

Relax, Man!

Relax, Man!
By tiina-huhtaniemi

the pic on the pattern
My first try at a hat -- very pleased with the pattern

Yay!!  I FINALLY knitted my first hat!  I chose a man pattern in a slouchy hat.  

finally on a roll
I guess I'm just gonna be a 4th-try knitter.  After 4 starts and frogging, and an email to the designer, I finally got the hang of the pattern.  Then it was only a 2 day project!  Love it. I think I can modify: make it a tad smaller, add flowers or buttons, and make it a girl hat!  I will also try it eventually with bulky yarn -- there is a modification for that on

looking good
i actually like the wrong side of the pattern!  for girls
This pattern is free and on;  Can't wait to make more!

I used size 7 needles & louet riverstone yarn in a charcoal color.  The hat was kinda loose, fitting.  I'm hoping by washing it, it'll tighten it up.  I'm not sure if it's loose because my cable was too long, or that's just how it is.

I loved that I got to learn the German cast- on method and a new stitch or 2.

CO 112 sts with german twisted cast-on method. Be careful not to twist sts when knitting the first round. PM to mark the beginning of the round.
Row 1: sm, [ k1tbl, k1], repeat to end. 
Row 2: sm, [k1tbl, p1], repeat to end. Repeat rows 1-2 12 times. 
You have knitted 26 rows total, 8 cm.

Row 27: sm, knit to end.

Row 28: sm, [k3, p1], repeat to end.

Repeat rows 27-28 until the piece measures 24 cm. (8 1/2 in) Start decreases. (this is where I needed straight needles)
Row 1: [Slip 2 sts knitwise as if to knit, k 1, psso, k 1], repeat to end.
Row 2: [K1, p1], repeat to end.
Row 3: as row 2.
Row 4: [k2 tog], repeat to end.
Row 5. Knit
K2 tog and repeat until you have 7 sts left. Cut yarn and pull it thru the sts. Weave in ends, block and wear.

Maybe just a little bigger than I'd planned
UPDATE:  With the help of my knitting mentors, I figured out that the reason this first hat was looser than I wanted, was because I used size 7 needles -- what the yarn called for.  The pattern called for size 6.  

So on my second try, I still used the 7's, but dropped from 112 stitched to 106.  I just pinched the "big" hat while on David's head and decided I needed 6 less stitches.  Well, when I got ready to start Row 27, I realized the stitches should be in multiples of 4!  I had 2 extra stitches, so I just knitted/purled.  It really looked just fine.  When I got to the decreasing at the top, I decided to try straight needles.  NOT a good idea.  I had a mess. 

Frogging (rip it, rip it, rip it)
Sooooo, I took the whole hat apart and started again.

This time (3rd hat) I casted on 104 stitches.  Perfect.  Jerri taught me to use a lifeline and double-pointed needles!  I wove in some dental floss just after Row 2 on decrease.  Then used the dp needles for the rest.  Other than trying to do this last part in a dark room (Western Town) with a movie (Taken 2) going on, and finally getting up and going home, it went great!  Jake will get this hat and hopefully it'll be something he can wear occasionally!
ok, the hat is on his neck and scarf on his head -- not exactly what i had in mind, but whatever works
Jake lookin good in his Relax , Man hat
decreasing with double-pointed needles and needle protectors  (you can see the white lifeline)

Gus' hat
good ole TX color

UPDATE:  now I'm casting on 96 stitches when I use size 7's.  Seems to be a better fit.  David prefers the non-slouchy look.  So before I start decreasing for his, I measured about 7 inches instead of 8 1/2.  Just right!
Tom's alpaca hat for Alaska


David tried it on for size
Stan the Man in his Riverstone wool hat
Ready for Alaska
didn't have to wait for Alaska -- got cold in the hill country right after we left.
and.....they're goobers

David rockin' his new hat
just arrived Texarkana and it's cold here, too! March 25!
might be my best one yet -- tho not slouchy! I used Vintage for his.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When I learn to crochet.......

Jerri crocheted this Noro Windowpane scarf for me.  Love. It.

Anxious to learn to make one.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boyfriend Scarf

Tried my first guy scarf.  Loved the pattern!  If I do another, I'd probably only cast on 14 stitches instead of 20.  This one goes to a very special young man -- who I hope will critique it for me for future info!

Boyfriend Scarf
free pattern on

2 skeins Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick-N-Quick - Charcoal

US 15 straight needles 

CO 20 sts

Thermal Stitch Pattern
Row 1: K
Row 2: K
Row 3: K 2, P 2
Row 4: K 2, P 2

Continue in pattern until scarf is 58" or to desired length.  BO and weave in loose ends.

 Later I tried a more narrow version.  I dropped about 6 stitches.  Looks good and manly, but the squares don't pop like they did in the first one.  Don't know if that's a stitch number thing, or a fluke.

Jake is stylin in his new scarf
scarf on the head, hat on the neck -- Midwest thang?
now we're talking
11-21-13:  I tried it a 3rd time and cast on 16 stitches.  Needs to be a multiple of 4 stitches.  Looks great to me and the pattern shows nicely.

Cantaloop Scarf

A pattern and yarn Jerri gave me
before steam ironing it
after steam ironing
I usually don't block my scarves cuz I kinda like the curled edges.  This is the first one I've made that I wanted to block because I wanted the holes to show along the edges.  I simply used a steam iron.  Can't tell a whole lot of difference in the pix.  But in person, it looks much better.  I may iron it each time I get ready to wear it.

Cantaloop Pattern
By Shelley Brander

Size 15 needles
I am actually quite allergic to cantaloupe, but maybe it is the very lure of the “forbidden fruit” that drew me to this particular color of the luscious, smooshy cotton Sprout yarn. Just one skein and a couple of hours yields this soft, fun scarf
Cast on 14 stitches.
Row 1: k1, yo, k2tog, k2tog, yo, k4, yo, k2tog, k2tog, yo, k1. Row 2: k1, purl to last stitch, k1.
Repeat these two rows until you have a couple of yards left, ending with a wrong side row. Bind off loosely using knit stitch.
I steam-blocked this fairly aggressively, using my fingers to open up the lacework. The Sprout responds very well to a steam iron.
Weave in ends

Friday, February 8, 2013

Gap-tastic Cowl

My very first knitting project in the round!!  After much coaxing from Jerri to learn how to knit in the round, I tried this pattern, which she gave me.  Tho it's very easy, it took me a few tries to get the pattern going correctly.  Once I was in rhythm, it was only about a 2 day project. Loved the Wool-Ease yarn!

Laura Lee will get my first one

This pattern and details can be found on  Basically, you cast on 131 stitches, join the round, then knit,purl, knit, purl all the way around til you get back to the join.  Then you purl, knit, purl, knit, etc.  Keep that pattern going until the cowl is as wide as you'd like.  The pattern suggests about 8 inches wide.  I just stopped when I liked the width.
Bind off in pattern.

my first try
 I was thinking how nice the lined up stitches looked, but couldn't understand why above and below them it was so "off line".  Jerri looked at it and told me the lines weren't supposed to be there.  I'd gotten off pattern somehow.  So after frogging a few times, it finally looked right.

Jerri's version - perfection
I used a Lion's Brand Wool-Ease yarn.  Very bulky.

My JCRV peeps enjoying a sunny day of knitting and crocheting outdoors in Feb 2013

9-18-14:  Linda Sue gave me a skein of red yarn and a skein of white yarn for my bday.  Sooooo I made a little something for game days this fall.  I think Brooke will be getting this for her bday since they are going to a Hog game in late Oct.

it can be worn long

or short

Brooke got to wear it for a chilly campout!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ummm, Friendship Scarf

Actually, the pattern is called Effin Scarf.  Ok, so I hate the name, but I love the pattern!!  And so easy.  Evidently it wasn't easy for the creator to develop.  Took her 5 years, hence the name. (Sue, one of my jcrv peeps dubbed it Friendship Scarf, cuz it sounds better and we learned it with a little help from our friends!) You can order this pattern through

This yarn is Berroco, Captivata Metallic
Patons Grace Yarn from Michael's

this one is for Lulu
Grace cotton yarn from Michael's
Berocco Origami Yarn
Berroco Origami

Berocco Seduce yarn