Friday, December 27, 2013

Horseshoe Lace Cowl

by Sashka Macievich -- this free pattern can be found on

I used Barroco Sox yarn with a size 7 needle. Easy, yet takes a lot of paying attention.  Love how it turned out.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Helix Scarf

This pattern is by Stephanie Gaustad and can be found on

Love this pattern! So similar to the potato chip pattern. As Stephanie says, it can have totally unique looks depending on yarn and needle sizes you choose.

I used size 7 needles with the yarn below.  Love how it turned out.  Looks even better on!

Monday, December 9, 2013


Over that past few years I've cut up a LOT of button-up shirts to make bibs or aprons.  I saved all the cuffs off of them in the hopes that eventually I'd find some sort of fun craft to do with them.  Below are some pix I found on the internet.  And after that are some pix of the ones I put together this afternoon.  They can be used as bracelets, coffee cozies, napkin holders, wrappers for rolled up gifts such as pillowcases,  or sewing needle holders.  I'm sure some of my creative friends can think of other uses.

In November, my father-in-law had me go through my late mother-in-law's sewing notions.  Well, I found 2 cans of treasure!  Vintage buttons!

 I had fun using some of them on the cuff/bracelets. (I'll use some for sock critters, too!)

button bracelets or needle holders
blingy vintage buttons on a flannel Columbia cuff
wonderful button
wool flowers pinned on
knitted flowers
bow bracelets with scrap fabric
smaller sizes for a special little someone
needle holder - front



Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rowan Revive Scarf

Dawn shared this fun pattern with me last winter.  Finally got to it after leaving Branson. Looks great and super easy.  I think I may try a solid color next and am thinking about making it a little wider.  We'll see how that works out.  Thanks for the pattern, Dawn!

I used the Deborah Norville self striping for this first one. Soft!

My second one was solid brown and made out of the above yarn.  I love this one even more! This time I cast on 21 stitches.

Laura Lee looks great in this scarf
The fabric below is bamboo and looks great in this pattern~

shorter version out of Berroco Bonsai

Monday, December 2, 2013

Go Hogs!

Ok, this is pretty simple. But just look at the cutie pie that is using it.  I had a little fabric left after making some Razorback tablerunners.  And a little stuffing left from sock animals.  Since I have limited space, I just combined the 2 for a small pillow.

Andrew on game day

Friday, November 22, 2013

Caryl's Kerchief

This might be the only knitting pattern that I've paid for so far. It can be found on and is pronounced "Carl's". Took me about a year to get around to it.  It was a booger til I was nearly finished. So I eagerly began a second one to see if it's easier.

On my second one, I'm using a lifeline after each 12 rows of the pattern.  Not only because I need the lifeline, just in case, but it also helps me remember how many times I've repeated the pattern.

I also find it helpful to mark that center stitch EVERY odd stitch instead of every few rows.

Deborah Norville brand
I blocked according to pattern instructions.

Connie ended up with this one at the CWF Christmas party
Jerri made this one for me this winter -- Feb, 2014

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Indoor Snowball Fight Kit

Little Ava Campbell got to play with their snowball kit on her first winter!

I saw this on Pinterest and have seen them in a store or 2.  For about $10-$20 per kit.  I decided it'd be easy enough to make. For about $3 per kit.

1) $3 skein of white yarn -- cheaper if you can find it at a resale shop.  To make the pom-poms, wrap it around fingers or piece of cardboard about 80-100 times. 

2)  slip off cardboard carefully and tie a double knot in the middle.  Then clip the loops all the way around.

3) hot glue thrift store (99 cents) ribbon around the brim of a plastic snowman hat (25 cents at thrift store).
Write what it is with a paint pen.  It'd be cute to make up a little poem for instructions. (paint pen $2 on sale)

4) there ya go. I'll wrap them up basket wrap from Dollar Tree and a bow.  Maybe a pom-pom bow.

I told David the "snowballs" prob won't last 30 seconds.  He said, let me look at them.  Before I knew it he was pounding me with snowballs and we had quite the snowball fight for a couple of minutes. Rocky wasn't sure what to think.  :)  They do last longer than 30 seconds.