Friday, July 17, 2015

Ribbon Bookmarks

My MO friend, Jackie, started making these wonderful bookmarks out of ribbons and jewelry pieces. (those are hers above).  After she sent me one, I decided to try it.

I've never gotten into jewelry-making due to lack of space.  But I just bought some pliers and used some homemade earrings that I never wear.  I did buy the jewelry clamps to put on the ends.  Laura Lee will get these 2.  Fun gift idea and something to do with all the extra ribbon we always end up with! I like the idea of giving one to anyone who loans me a book!

made a little batch in about 30 minutes

bought small baggies in which to give them ---- as Jackie did

August 2016:  The DC Booth volunteers and staff got together and made some ribbon bookmarks.  They turned out great.  I showed them how to use recycled greeting cards to add a gift tag to their little baggies if they want to give them as gifts.  Ashley added a wonderful touch to that -- she cut a piece of the gift card to size and put it inside the baggie.  This gives the bag a sweet background and then it can be tagged as well.  And Jerri taught us her version of bookmarks using stretchy cord.  Those turned out really pretty!

the creative juices are flowing!

Ashley, Cheryl (waving), Jerri, April, and Alice

Alice finished hers in a jif!

April, Ashley, and Cheryl looking pretty serious

Cheryl and Jerri bookmarking

April and Ashley checking out the finished products

notice the cord bookmarks that Jerri taught us

Ashley's packaging with the flowers
September 2016:  Decided to make more since I have plenty of ribbon and fixings,

 since it's quick and easy & thanks to Ashley, I have new packaging skills!

Suitcase Table

We decided to get rid of our couch in the rv so we'll feel like we have more space.  The only problem was that the couch supplied storage room for all my crafts.  Soooo, we went on the hunt for some sort of chest to store my stuff.  As we were walking around a flea market in Derby, KS I saw something that I'd seen on Pinterest.  A "luggage table".

We found 2 different sizes in some blue vintage luggage.  I ripped out the lining in one of them. But the other looked like it'd never been used and smelled fine, so I left it in there.

We picked out some paint to go with the inside of the camper and David took care of painting them for me.  He added legs to the larger one.  We considered just finding a small bedroom luggage stand for them.  But we really like the look with the legs.  The smaller case just sits on top of the larger one.
It's a perfect fit in the corner under a window.

I bought some flannel and relined the one suitcase that had the yucky lining.  I used Tacky Glue.

 Now we're on the lookout for a round vintage travel bag to go on top!