Friday, July 29, 2016

Flower Pens

Dee's flower pen

Dee brought me a couple of spruced up pens to use when we play cards.

these will make their home in the Pond Shop at the hatchery

I picked up some flowers and a bag of pens at Walmart, used wire cutters and broke off the flowers from the bunch, then taped them onto the pens with floral tape.  Super simple.  Super quick.

Julie Sleeves

One of our volunteer peeps at DC Booth Fish Hatchery in Spearfish, had on a fun t-shirt one day that she had done herself!  It takes maybe 10 minutes and adds a fun look to a t-shirt you may be getting tired of.  I don't know why you couldn't do it with some other fabrics as well.

First, cut the sleeve hems off and cut them in half.

Next, at the top of the sleeve, cut 2 inches each way from the shoulder seam.  Gather the top and tie with one half of the hem piece.  Gather the bottom and tie with the other half of the hem.  Wah La!!

Julie also added about a 2 inch fringe to the bottom of her tee.  She's skinny so that looked cute.

The above is my hankie shirt and I also did the Julie Sleeves on it.

Ahh-Choo Shirt

When we attended the Belle Plaine, KS tulip festival earlier this year, Brooke and I spotted this wonderful "hankie" shirt that a crafter had for sale.  We both loved it, but it's price was in the $50's.  Sooooo, I decided to try one myself.  

I used a t-shirt that I already had for my first one.  Found some vintage hankies at a thrift store in Spearfish.  I placed mine a little differently than the inspiration piece.

And I did the "Julie Sleeves" as an added touch.  (see other blogpost)

This project kinda refreshed my memory on how tricky it can be to sew on t-shirt material.

But I like the way it turned out. Great gift idea.  And now I'm addicted to vintage hankies!!  I've already found a couple of other projects for them.  Even the ones that are kinda raggedy.

When Justin, Brooke, and family came to Spearfish in July to visit us, Brooke and I went to all the thrift stores in town and looked for hankies and cotton or linen shirts (easier to sew on).  I believe some folks will get some as gift in the next year or 2.

Brooke finished hers in September.  It'll be mighty hard to beat this one!  Sooooo pretty!!