Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Knitted Bookmarks

Laura Lee convinced me to make her some bookmarks.  So I'm exploring different patterns and yarns.  Some are easy and some will be great practice for me on cable stitches and icords. And a good way to use up remnants. My goal is a dozen.  We shall see.

I used some bonsai leftover and just did a rowan revive pattern with a cast on of 9 and size 7 needles
this pattern is called Edith by LoveBugMama on ravelry.com -- acrylic yarn -- should be blocked (or flattened out in a book)
Megan Goodacre's "Horseshoe" pattern -- with Kettle Tweed
just basic knitting with cast on of 9 and size 4 needles -- ladder yarn
This is Megan Goodacre's Dewdrop pattern
I used a cotton fingering weigth
Megan Goodacre's Garter Stitch with Ribbon pattern

Friday, April 4, 2014

Storm Cloud with Manos

I totally love Manos del Uraquay yarn.  Not only is it a wonderful world cause, but it feels great! You can see the pix of the tags below which will tell you a little about the cause of this yarn.  

Edith looks great in this color

For the Storm Cloud Shawlette by Hanna Breetz (pattern on ravelry.com), I used yellow Manos Serena in yellow.  The teal trim at the bottom is some fingering weight tweed I had in my stash. 

For this project, I learned about elongated garter stitches.  Love it when I learn something new. I also used size 8 needles.

Arm Knitting

Brooke rec'd the green mix
My Minnesota friend, Leanne, told me about arm knitting this winter.  So I googled a tutorial video, got some yarn, and did a couple of chunky cowl in less than an hour. Fun, quick, inexpensive gift that can be done in practically no time at all.

I tried it with bulky and super bulky.  It takes 2 skeins and I chose 2 different colors.  I'm sure a 3rd skein/color would look great, too.

Nice and long - acrylic
no needles needed
Once you get started, your arms will be occupied til it's finished.  It only takes about 30 min or less for each cowl.
the cowl can be doubled or tripled up
alpaca/acrylic mix in bulky

 Marlyse is rocking this one!

Her granddaughters, Whitney and Rayleigh will try to make some soon

August 2016:  Taught my fellow volunteers at DC Booth Fish Hatchery to make a cowl!  What fun it was to watch their faces as we got started!  They did a great job with them.  Well, most did a great job. One of the funniest parts of the evening was when Julie showed up with her laundry basket.  She had asked her hubs, Ron, what we said this morning about crafts in the volunteer mtg she had to miss.  He said "they said to bring a laundry basket".  But because she doesn't always read her emails, she missed the part about bringing yarn.  So she showed up with her basket, but no yarn to knit with. LOL!! But she watched, learned, and helped!

Julie making Rocky feel welcome
Marie and Jan got the hang of it

trial and error really didn't take too long

Alice and Cheryl tried really hard to help Ms. Jerri

every now and then Jerri could make it work.....

Cheryl's is looking good

Jerri's 4th try

Marie's finished product -- she used 2 skeins of bulky

Cheryl used one skein of bulky and one skein of homespun


I used 2 skeins of Wool-Ease super bulky

And with what was left over, I made 2 skinnier cowls

Jan and I had a "redo" a few days later

she had a beautiful combo of 2 skeins of super bulky Wool-Ease

September 2016:  One of the "cya later" gifts I gave April on our last day at the hatchery below:

Isn't she beautiful?