Wednesday, January 22, 2014


And buttoned!

1-22-14:  Dawn came up with a great idea for today's craft at JCRV.  We took inexpensive picture frames and gave them some bling!  We used beads, buttons, and hot glue.  Soooooo easy and fun!  Great gift idea!

Mine are extra special because they are decorated with some of the hundreds of buttons Grandma Mac had saved!

I used Wanda's buttons to give Rocky some bling
finished products on the mantle
Connie, our craft leader, giving the instructions
Jerri buttoning up
Shirlene finding her pink!
me showing off my 1st try at fingerless mittens in between frames
close up
everyone's was a little different and they were all great!
made a few extra for some McClintock's
craft class at the library in Kerrville
 2-20-14:  Sarah invited me to lead the Feb craft class at the Kerrville library.  So I chose the deco frames.  These ladies were sooo creative and seemd to enjoy themselves.  I had a blast!

the library director, Laura
Laura squeezed in some time to decorate a frame for herself

newspaper lady, Bonnie, checking it out
finished products!

10-18-14:  Sherry Stone came out to the clubhouse at Shady Pines to have a little craft time with me. She and I are always looking for a fun and easy Christmas gift idea.

her finished product
I made another from Wanda's black and yellow buttons

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