Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Becky Shuttz's arrangement

One of our RV'er friends from JCRV,  Becky Shuttz, posted this fun little project that she recently did.  I love them! So I immediately went to Michael's and got my craft on!  Love how they turned out!  And they take about 30 minutes or less.

Materials:  Craft pumpkins, knife (hot knife is suggested), hot glue, ribbon, fall floral stuff, floral dry brick.

David cut the top off the pumpkin in a 5 inch diameter circle.  Hot glue the floral brick into the bottom of the pumpkin. Measure the length of the flowers and cut them off to fit.  Stick in floral brick.  Hot glue the top of the pumpkin to the side of the pumpkin near the hole. Tie a bow (hardest part) and hot glue onto pumpkin. And there ya have it!

The above is a craft half-pumpkin that I simply made a bow for and hot glued it on.  There is already a hole on the pumpkin for hanging. Super light-weight which makes it perfect for rv's!

love that fall is finally in the air!