Friday, February 28, 2014

We stuck it!!

(and Connie scooped it)

my inspiration
Jackie learned to make these last winter in the FL rv park where they stay. She showed me hers and convinced me that we should try these at JCRV. In December I saw one or 2 at a church shindig in Texarkana.  Guess they are pretty trendy in the crafting world right now.

our deco serving knives.....and Connie's giant spoon! love the ones that are so loaded with beads.
 They were much easier than I expected.  I actually was kinda dreading working with beads.  But it was fun and I think this would be a great hostess gift or holiday gift.  It'd be super easy to make up several.  These serving knives can be found at Dollar Tree, Walmart, or thrift stores. Connie supplies us with her beads, wire, and tools. Thx, Connie!

mine prob had the fewest beads on it.  Took be about 5 minutes. 

Connie, Vickey, and Jerri getting their beads on

so focused

Darlene even made a beautiful one with one hand!

We did it!

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