Monday, March 24, 2014


According to the internet, this is pronounced like "food", not "wood".  However it's said, it's a fun knit and very practical for someone living in a cold climate, say like the windy city! I thought the word "snood" might be a combo word for hood and something else.  But it's actual a word that dates way, way back in the day and simply is a head covering.  Even hairnets were considered snoods.

I found the pattern on Easy, peasy.  It's called Luxary cowl/hood by Lion Brand Yarn.  I used size 9 needles and will definitely block to soften it up.

mouth coverage

my model

before blocking

Diagonal Openwork Scarf

 Great, easy pattern -- especially if I'd had about twice as much yarn as what I had.   Not sure I would've had patience to double it, though.    I especially love the kettle tweed yarn.  Would def use it again.  Feels great.

Brooke rec'd this scarf out of the kettle tweed for her bday

October 2014:  did another one out of the Gus the Alpaca yarn.  We met Gus at the Wildflower Ridge Alpaca Ranch in the hill country last winter.  Had to get some Gus since we have a Gus!

Alpaca is soooooo soft!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pipp's Openwork Eyelet Scarf

free on

I picked up a skein of this Summer Stripes yarn in Wichita last fall.  It's a small skein but I thought the color pattern was really fun.

So I found this pattern and love the right side stitches.  I used size 7 needles.

It's a very short scarf that'll be great with a t-shirt this spring or summer.

could be worn with a pin

or just a loose tie

Spring Eyelet Cowl

by Sarah E White -- free on

this pattern is perfect for Berroco Fuji and uses one skein.  Fun knit and I love the look.

hoping that blocking this will take care of the curled edges
 Hard to tell in the above pic, but the green is more like the pic below -- a deep, beautiful green.

amazing the difference a block can make
Jerri rec'd it for her early bday