Saturday, May 24, 2014


Another great pattern that Dawn told me about!  This is easy peasy and quick!  I've been delaying making them because I was afraid of the gussett.  But with the help of google, it was much easier than I thought.

I used the Shepherds Wool that Dawn gave me this past winter.  And now I think I'll make a bandana cowl to go with them!

nice, soft off-white set

Spring 2016:  below are some more I've made for Christmas 2016:

light blue

light pink

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bandana Cowl

This pattern is from purlbee.  Jerri sent me one of these a couple of years ago for my bday.  I loved it!  At the time I didn't know if it was for the neck or head.  So I sent her a pick of me wearing it on my head, which cracked her up.  I still think that's cool.  But it's a cowl.

blocking will be important
totally love this yarn!
Took me a couple of years, but I finally made one.  I learned about wrap and turns and picking up wraps!

this shot's for you, Jerri!
made another out of Shepherd's Wool ---- so soft!
with the nice Shepherd's Wool Marshmallow mitts, the set will make a nice gift
I used this wonderful yarn to make a shorter version of the cowl

love the color!

Light and Up!

Decided to try this one without the tassles.  But when I finished, I thought the tassles would look pretty. Pretty easy pattern, though the start of it was odd.  Had to google instructions for that 90 degree stuff.  It also said to block aggressively. But with the yarn I used I chose not to block at all.  I kinda like the little "ruffle" along the bottom.
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found this beautiful yarn in Comfort, TX
a great story
and it's perfect fiber for summer
soft little curl makes a nice ruffle
before the tassles
post tassle

Kathey was so sweet to wear it to church

doesn't she look beautiful in it?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ruffled Neckwrap

Edith's 2014 Mom's Day gift
This pattern is by twistedstitcher and is very easy.  Love the neat, tidy look. Thanks for introducing this to me, Dawn!  I used a couple of different yarns -- cotton, linen, silk mix.  So I think it'll be comfy for a spring scarf and the colors will make it work for early fall as well. Love the button I found at Joanne's.

 yarn for the ruffle
for the body
This took me about 200 yds.  I used sizes 5 and 6 needles. I didn't buy these yarns to go together.  But love the look!  The button really pulled the colors together.

made another one this fall and added one of Wanda's buttons

nice 2 or 3 day project