Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fabric Infinity Scarf

I gave this one a twist before joining -- mobius style
Finally tried this super simple infinity scarf.  My pix will prolly only be helpful to me, but you can google and get instructions that may make sense to you.  Love the idea and will def be making more! This is about a 30 minute project.

I do wash, dry, and iron fabric first.  Even it up on your cutting mat. Then cut it however long and wide you want yours to be. I would suggest buying a yard.

Press the short ends about a quarter to half inch down to provide a hemmed-look edge.  Fold inside out in half lengthwise. Sew 1/4 to 1/2 inch seam lengthwise.

Flip right side out.

Pin short ends together in a circular manner.  You can only pin to a certain point.  Then begin stitching this together on your machine.  Again, you can only sew so far because it becomes too tight.  Stitch as far as you can and remove from machine, hand stitch the rest.

Flip that part over and you've got yourself a scarf!  I think a pretty pin would be a nice accent.

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