Monday, January 13, 2014

Tauri Mini

Free pattern by the Berroco team.  It can be found on or

This was my first experience with a keyhole scarf and using holder needles.  Be sure to read the correction to the pattern on  Basically, it's that when you get ready to join the yarn after switching the 11 stitches from holder to free needle and visa versa, be sure to cut the yarn after that point and join.  Not clear on pattern.

If I make this using yarn other than Elements, and if it's more yardage than Elements, then I'll make the section before keyhole a little longer than 4 inches. I will also not use the longtail cast on next time.  It's too loose.

I do love the Berroco Elements yarn, though.  It comes in so many pretty, shimmery colors!  It's a wool encased in nylon -- which gives it it's shimmer. Went shopping for mine at Tin Smith's Wife in comfort with Dawn and Vickey.  I could not decide on a color.  So I let new friend, Vickey, pick a color for me.  She chose a pale blue which looks great! Thanks Vickey!


5-2014:  I did another with just a basic, beginner's cast on.  Much better.  Love the Elements in purple.  

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