Monday, January 13, 2014


Dawn surprised me with these beautiful fingerless mittens!  Can you see the owls in them?

I think she may have inspired me to give this pattern a try.  "Owlings" can be found on

mine and Connie's
Dawn taught Jerri and me how to do them!

1-19-14: Yay!  This is my very first cable project!!  Dawn taught Jerri and me how to do this today.  She is such a good teacher.  Of course, my finished product has a few mistakes.  But I will be trying it again now that I have the hang of it!!

2-10-14:  Finished!!  I'll have to give these to someone who likes me a lot.  Cuz there are crazy mistakes that I didn't see til I finished.  For instance, see the wrist areas?  On one I evidently put it down awhile and picked it back up on the wrong side.  Looks kinda cool (the one of the left) cux it's like a little ruffle.  But it's completely different from the other.  One would be purled and the other knitted.

The Shepherd's Wool that Dawn gave me for these feels great and is made in Brighton, Michigan -- her hometown.  This is also the official wool for this year's Winter Olympics sweaters!

Lulu and her new owlings

3- 2-14:  Laura Lee rec'd the owlings I knitted and seemed to really like them!  That makes me happy when someone I love likes what I made!  :)  And they look great on her petite little hands!

January 2016:  Got motivated to make some more of these after Dawn gave me a pattern that gave me some more cabling practice. Other than one of the thumb gussets being upside down, I was happy with how the above turned out. I think this may be the year some of my peeps get these for Christmas.

Laurie Tullos' and Lacey Goff's

November 2016:  Made some more for this Christmas

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