Wednesday, January 22, 2014

fabric wall hangings

Our inspiration at Creations in Kerrville
Jerri, Dee, Dawn, and I stopped in Creations on our way back from the yarn shop.  We were pretty inspired by these fabric "paintings" they had hanging on the wall.  So I bought a panel, which had 6 pics on it.  I used foam board and taped it on the back with clear packing tape. They weight nothing (perfect for rv'ers) and look great.  Next week in crafts I think the girls will do this craft and maybe add a button design on them.

So I got some foam board and a panel and made my own
kept the hooter for the camper
gave Sarah the cat for her belated bday
Gus will get a Longhorn pic
a touch of chevron burlap for the camper -- I may add buttons and a bow
Batik with lots of Wanda's buttons

1-29-14:  Today in crafts we made some more!  Below are some pix.

Dawn's beautiful panel

Shirlene and Connie with Shirlene's owl
Dawn's tree?
Dawn decided she wanted to do a tree like mine.  She was sooooo excited!  The 5 minute procedure went something like this:  " I love it! I am going to do one just like it.  It's great.  This is so easy.  D*#n.  This is hard.  This is ridiculous.  Ouch!  Hot glue doesn't taste good.  I'm finished.  I'll work on it later."

LOVE what Jerri did with a batik fat quarter!

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