Monday, January 23, 2012

T-shirt Infinity Scarves

tshirt scarf with flower pin

doubled up

I got this idea from  Which is a great website!!  Endless ideas.  Since I do not sew, I'm always looking for fun no-sew crafts.  This one takes about 10-15 minutes.

beginning of the cut

Take a t-shirt (one you are tired of or get one from a thrift store) that preferably has no seams on down the sides.   Cut horizontally from armpit, to armpit. Then cut off the hem -- which will be used later.

cut the strips most of the way across
doesn't matter if  they aren't perfectly straight
Then cut one-inch horizontal strips from side to side.  Stop about 1/2 to 1 inch from other side.

pull each strip
Pull each strip.  This gives it the tubalur look.

Go to the side where the strips stopped.  Gather it up with your fingers and you will see your scarf!  Use the hem to wrap around the non-cut part of the scarf.  You can tie in a knot, a bow, whatever.  This is the spot you can pin on a broach or flower.  You can get very creative with this.  You don't have to use the hem.  You can use a ribbon to wrap around that part.

The larger the t-shirt, the longer the scarf.  A child's t-shirt can give more of a neck-warmer length.

ass a few brades

Here's one that's a little different and just as easy.
for Chloe out of a thsirt sleeve

Connie made a small one out of a tshirt sleeve.  So smart!  I know a couple of little girls who will get one of these!

 Jeanette did it!

Great color!

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