Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sew Simple Pillowcases

Our grandson with their new pillowcases

Marlene taught us how to make these at JCRV craft day.  It does require a little sewing and I had to borrow a machine.  My precious Canadian friend, Louise, was awesome!  She walked me through every step and taught me so much!

Asher's pillowcase

Andrew's pillowcase

my first ones
Shirlene working on her pillowcase
I chose to make a couple for Andrew and Asher for when they sleep at the camper with us.

"Sew Simple" Pillowcase

For Regular Size Pillow w'non-directional print
MAIN PIECE          27" x 42"  (3/4 yard)      
BORDER PIECE     10" x 42"  (1/3 yard)
ACCENT STRIP     3"   x 42"  (1/8 yard)    ( For Queen Size w/NDP 7/8 yd)

1. Cut pieces as follows:
    Main Piece  27" x  41"   (30" x 41")
   Border Piece 10" x 41"    (10" x 41")
   Accent Strip  3" x 41      ( 3" x 41")
2  Lay 10" border piece  face up on work surface.    
3. Lay main of pillowcase face up on top of border piece - line up raw edges at top
4.  Press 3" accent strip in half lengthwise.  Lay on top of main piece matching raw edges.
5.  Roll the main fabric from the bottom up to keep it out of the way.  Bring the bottom edge of the border piece to the top edge, matching and pinning all the raw edges together.
6.  Stitch 1/2 inch seam along the pinned edge.  You now have a tube of fabric.  Turn the tube inside out and like magic your pillowcase is almost finished with no raw edges.
7.  Finish the side and bottom seams with a serger --- or do a French seam so you will have no raw edges showing at all.  A French Seam is done by putting wrong sides together and sewing a 1/4" seam then putting the right sides together and sewing a 1/2" seam enclosing the raw edges.

You now have a beautifully finished pillowcase!

Finally I made some for David and me.  They match nothing at all.  But I loved the fab that I found in Llano, TX
For Laurie Tullos' wedding- Branson fabric
Edith's Mothers Day gift - fabric from Branson
Brad's pc
My first set for adult gifts for L and W
Gus' pc

another gift set for Aunt Pam
gift set for Emily and Ryan
gift set for Laura and Jake

Marsha starting her "hotdog"

 Then the magic begins

It's looking like a pc!

Sherry gettin a little help from a friend - Connie

Chloe rec'd her pc.  I got a text from Emily with the pic above.  She said Chloe wanted to wear  her yellow tshirt to bed to match her pc!

The one below is from the next day.  Another matching tshirt.  Emily told me she thinks the pc is helping Chloe go to be earlier so she wants me to make more!  I told her ok, but the matching tshirts are up to her.  lol

Thanksgiving 2012:  Bill and Pam's grands below

Audrey got to open hers and Jarrett's

2-20-13:  A few more made at JCRV crafts

3-18-13:  Mr Ken got one this year!

April 2014:  Made a set for my sweet friend, Gala, for her upcoming marriage to Allan. Got the batik fabric at Material Girl in Wichita.

Gala & Allan's

Casey Graves' pc Christmas 2014



Kathey's & Cran's

Laura Lee's

November 2016:  This is one of those gifts that keeps on giving.  I made the ones below for new great nephews and niece for Christmas this year.

New Goff Boys: Edge Daniel's, Evan's, and Malachi's

new great niece, Wren Fogel's

So I asked Lissa if she had any kind of them going in Wren's room.  I didn't tell her what I was going to do with that info. 
She gave me a description that looked like this:  "I guess it's kind of wildlife/forest/desert baby blue, yellow, brown, light green -- owls, birds, javelina, lizards, deer, hmmm... trees, cacti, agave"

Well, I stumbled upon this fabric at Hobby Lobby and if you use your imagination with the hedgehog and consider it a javelina, then it dang near fits her description! LOL

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