Monday, January 23, 2012

Knitting Dishrags!

My first try. LOL
My Knitting Circle
Dawn, me, and Marlene

Two of the sweetest ladies in the world here at JCRV have decided they can teach me to knit!  I was fixin to look for a class in town.  But Marlene (from S. Dakota) and Dawn (from Michigan) have taken on teaching me.  They are awesome.  They've told me about and  I added the iPhone app for  It has videos of almost eveything to get me started.

Trying to unravel my yarn
My first project was a washcloth.  I didn't have enough yarn for an entire one, so I just did about a half one just to get the hang of stitching.

Then I bought some yarn that I thought would make a pretty dishrag.  Dawn and Marlene tag-teamed it and taught me to cast on, increase, decrease, and cast off.  So I'm on my own for a few days.  Dawn thinks I should be ready to learn how to do a scarf after this.

A special person will get this for Christmas!
Well, who knew a dishrag could have 5 sides?!  Linda Sue said it's shaped like the Pentagon.  Marlene said it reminds her of the state of TX.  We all agreed that I should try another dishrag before trying the scarf. "It's only knitting. It's only knitting" -- Dawn's mom's quote.

My 2nd one.  Looks a little more like a square!

For Real?
He wants to show his friends
PS:  Gus visited on Feb 4 and cracked up over the 5-sided one.  He insisted on having it!  So he could show all his friends. Merry Christmas, Gus!

March 2012:  Ok, I'm getting better........

Amazing what a difference changing needle sizes will do!  
finally!  nice enough to give as gifts!

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