Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowman Kit

Snowman Kit
This past November (2011),  Cousin Linda Sue made us a Snowman Kit to give to Andrew and Asher.  Poem included!  I immediately tried to copy it to give to some friends of ours that are young parents or grandparents.  It was a hit, Linda Sue!! Thx for letting me steal your idea!

Box from Hobby Lobby
Find a cute box from Hobby Lobby or Target, etc.  Preferably one with a snowman on the lid.


  • Scarf
  • Carrot nose
  • Sunglasses
  • 3 upholstery buttons (those can be pricey.  since I was making 5 kits, I used a sheet of black foam and cut circles out of it. punch 2 holes in each button)
  • red pipe cleaners -- one to shape as a mouth and 3 to put through the button holes to anchor into his belly
  • corn cob pipe -- can usually be found at party places that sell costumes
  • artificial branches for the arms
  • gloves
  • top hat, cowboy hat, or stocking hat
Linda Sue's poem on printer paper w/snowman stickers

Packing it up
Linda Sue put all in the box and tied the "arms" on top with ribbon.  I put all in the box and tied the cowboy hats on with ribbon. 

It's prob a good idea to punch a hole in each side of the hat.  Not only does this allow you to tie it on with ribbon, but it gives the builder a way to anchor it onto his head with sticks or such.

I've asked recipients to post pic on FB of their snowman and give him a name.

Upside Down Snowman

Since I made these, I have seen a cute idea on Pinterest of an upside down snowman.  One day when I make these kits again, I may include boots instead of hats.

Chloe's snowman head.  I think he's a pretty cool dude!
12-25-12:  Well, Texarkana hasn't seen a significant amt of snow since I gave my peeps those snowman kits last Christmas.  However, Christmas 2012 was a WHITE CHRISTMAS in Texarkana!  First time in 80 plus years that this area has actually had snow fall on Christmas Day according to one news source.  Emily and Chloe broke out the kit and did their best with the one or so inches on the ground AND the freezing temps!!  They got the head done!  I think they are troopers!!

February 2015:  a couple of peeps finally got to use their snowman kits!

Marlyse's grandkids used their snowman kit for the remaining Texarkana snow, winter 2015

Pam Goff had to use her kit without the grandkids in Benton, AR, winter 2015
September 2016:  April -- from DC Booth Fish Hatchery -- and I decided to put together a Snowman Kit for Mitch's 2 girls.  They love to make snowmen in the South Dakota winters! David and I went on the hunt in Spearfish and Deadwood thrift stores and I'm kinda jazzed about what we found.  We found some ice skates which can be used for an upside down snowman!  And I found a tophat for a right-side up one.

Already had a nose (carrot) and buttons.  Just added a scarf and the kit is just about ready.  April will add a few things and present them with it this winter!  Can't wait for pix!!

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