Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vintage Hanky Scarf

my Pinterest inspiration

Since starting the hunt for vintage hankies for the shirts (see Ah-Choo Shirts), I started searching Pinterest and the www for other hankie ideas.  Saw this scarf and thought Wow!  It looks great and has to be simple.  It kinda bugged me at first that the edges don't always line up. But the instructions convinced me that it doesn't matter.  Sure enough, they look great!

Doesn't Marie look beautiful in hers?  Great colors!

My new, sweet Spearfish friend, Marie, gave me a bag full of hankies that she and her late husband, Richard, had accumulated over the years.  Some were from Germany, some were crocheted around the edges by her aunt.  I just couldn't use them with making her some keepsakes first!  So she got a scarf, a bracelet, and a keyring.  The last 2 are in a blogpost of their own.  Her scarf is a mixture of her hankies and Richard's!

Nancy, one of my other new awesome Spearfish friends, gave me some of her hankie collection.  They were all so lovely.  Once said "Oregon" on it.  I just couldn't cut that one up for my other projects.  I added one of Marie's husband's white hankies, and another ladies' hankie that matched the ones she gave me, and made her a scarf.

I'm loving the way the scarves turned out.  And I'm super excited about the hankie bracelets.  So I think a scarf/bracelet set would make a nice gift!

The Hankie Lore would be nice to include with a gift of hanky crafts!

November 2016:  Pam will get this lovely hanky scarf from the ones Rosemary gave me.

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