Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vintage Hanky Bracelet

My friends Marie and Nancy hand-modeling
As I began searching for handmade gifts to make from vintage hankies, I fell in love with these bracelets from Pinterest!!

the materials needed:  hankies, thread or twine, scissors, jewelry fixings, needle-nose pliers, E-6000 bead glue

1. First I cut a hankie in half.  Then I cut the half into 3rds lengthwise.
2. I do the same with a coordinating hankie.
3. For my third piece I use chain, which can be bought craft stores.
4. Put one piece of each of the 2 hankies and one piece of chain in the same length together and tie off one end with your thread or twine.
5.  Braid the 3 pieces as tightly or loosely as you'd like.
6. Tie off the final end with your thread or twine.
7. Clip the ends fairly close to the thread or twine. Using the E6000 bead glue, begin stuffing the ends into the jewelry end caps. You may need to use a toothpick or something about that size to help stuff them.
8.  Allow to dry, maybe even overnight.  Any glue "strings" can be removed after drying.
9. Using your needle-nose pliers, attach lobster claws and a charm or 2.

You do not have to use chains.  You can simply use 3 strips of hankies if you'd prefer.  I love the chain look.

Nancy's turned out puffier by accident -- but I really like it

Marie's bracelets were my first and I loved how they turned out

I gave one to Marie and one to Brooke

these are made from hankies that Marie and Nancy gave to me

goes well with a matching Vintage Hankie Scarf

Brooke's was a little loose, so I tied it in a "knot" 

I'm liking the look with the knot

a few more I made

and a few more

kind of addicting

3 of my Great Plains Nature Center peeps got these

Linda Sue got this one

hers was too big so it got a knot as well

Brooke and I had some craft days at her house in October

she decided to make some for Christmas for coworkers, friends, and family
it's fun crafting with a creative person -- got some good ideas from her

just a second for pix, but we gotta get back to it

pretty good for one day

and I've gone a little crazy making more at the camper
Kathy Palmer chose this one

since the end caps are sometimes hard to find in the right size, I tried some with clamps. Works great.

found 20 little boxes in the wedding deco area of Michaels for $10

perfect size

tiny sacks work well, too

I was thinking these would be Christmas gifts for family and friends for 2017, since I knitted mitts for them this year.

But I can't wait to give them!  So some folks will get both this year!

I also had some pretty ones on hand when Walter died, so I gave one to Odestine as a warm fuzzy.  She'd planned on wearing it to his funeral, but spilled coffee on it the day of.  I took her another one a couple of days later.  They are a nice little something to show someone you care.

One of my new Bunco friends, Rosemary, in Wichita (Linda Sue's Bunch group in which I subbed one day), saw Linda Sue's and said she had a bag of her mom's hankies that she didn't know what to do with.  So she offered them to me but wouldn't let me pay her.  So instead I made a few bracelets and keyrings that she could use and give as gifts.  Great way to have a memento of someone you love.

Thanks Pinterest!!!

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