Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pine Cone Critters

9-6-16:  April suggested that we try our hand at making Pine Cone Critters at the "Hatchery Craft Night".  She and her family have a tradition of making a craft when they get together for the holidays.  Her mom is an elementary teacher, so she comes up with all kinds of cool things for them.

The Spearfish area is rich with Ponderosa Pines, so a few of us gathered some on our walks this week.

These 2 pix are my inspirations for my critters.  We shall see how close I come. LOL.

April brought the ones that she and her family made. Wow!  Gnomes, hooters, beaver, and angel

and she showed me a neat wall hanging she makes each year out of Christmas cards! Love it!

April added to her collection tonight -- I love the owl with the acorn eyes!

can ya spot my reindeer, buffalo, and "Mr. Bill"?

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