Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fairy Doors

8-23-16:  My new Spearfish friend, Maury, taught the hatchery peeps how to make Fairy Doors tonight at crafts.

Maury has made hundreds, so hers are exceptionsl

Now these are the little doors that you place at the base of a tree or rock (or up in it), for the fairies to go in and out of.  Last year Maury made  50 plus and set them on a rock beside Spearfish Creek.  She included a note for parents to "hide" them somewhere where a child could find them.

she includes a little poem when she gifts her fairy doors

The bake-able clay, an exacto knife, a toy rolling pin, and beads or other accessories that can be baked are needed.

a few of Maury's fairy doors and fairy boxes

wonderful evening to sit by the creek and craft

me, Cheryl, Jane, Jerri, and Maury

Ms. Jerri got the hang of this pretty fast!

so did Cheryl

Sigh.  Can you guess which one is mine?

the least neat and tidy one

but I got an "A"!! 
This was such fun craft!  With a little practice -- and focus -- I think I'd get a little better at it!

And thanks to my friend, Jerri Cooper, for hanging out with us while we made our Fairy Doors and taking pix!

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