Friday, February 1, 2013

Jerri's Flowers

Mizz Boss giving Kathy some instructions
1-30-13:  Jerri taught us to make these great flowers today in crafts.  She also gave us a website to refer to when making them.

Maxine stitching away
Flower Children
Linda, Connie, and Shirlene pinning their pedals
Jerri showing Cindy the next step

fold in half diagnonally
then bring each point to top from the bottom
like so
then flip to backside and bring corners to center
you'll see pleats -- this will be front of your pedal
pin like this, then tac with thread
then straighten up the raw end w/scissors
Karen showing how to sew the pedals together
(next time, we may use hot glue rather than needle/thread)
then hot glue felt and a pin on the back of flower
put some hot glue down the center of flower, then glue on button
made a few more about a week later
sewing the pedals together

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