Friday, February 8, 2013

Gap-tastic Cowl

My very first knitting project in the round!!  After much coaxing from Jerri to learn how to knit in the round, I tried this pattern, which she gave me.  Tho it's very easy, it took me a few tries to get the pattern going correctly.  Once I was in rhythm, it was only about a 2 day project. Loved the Wool-Ease yarn!

Laura Lee will get my first one

This pattern and details can be found on  Basically, you cast on 131 stitches, join the round, then knit,purl, knit, purl all the way around til you get back to the join.  Then you purl, knit, purl, knit, etc.  Keep that pattern going until the cowl is as wide as you'd like.  The pattern suggests about 8 inches wide.  I just stopped when I liked the width.
Bind off in pattern.

my first try
 I was thinking how nice the lined up stitches looked, but couldn't understand why above and below them it was so "off line".  Jerri looked at it and told me the lines weren't supposed to be there.  I'd gotten off pattern somehow.  So after frogging a few times, it finally looked right.

Jerri's version - perfection
I used a Lion's Brand Wool-Ease yarn.  Very bulky.

My JCRV peeps enjoying a sunny day of knitting and crocheting outdoors in Feb 2013

9-18-14:  Linda Sue gave me a skein of red yarn and a skein of white yarn for my bday.  Sooooo I made a little something for game days this fall.  I think Brooke will be getting this for her bday since they are going to a Hog game in late Oct.

it can be worn long

or short

Brooke got to wear it for a chilly campout!

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