Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Niece, Lacey, has gotten into making some lovely necklaces out of jewelry wire and stones.  So while I was in Wichita in October I picked up some tumbled rocks at a flea market and some non-tumbled rocks at the Great Plains Nature Center.

Pam, Lacey, and me

Laci, Pam, Lacey, me

Lacey and Meleah adding some final touches

When the family got together for Thanksgiving, she tried to teach us how to make a few things.

 We had a great time!! I can see that I'll have to work on this a little more to get the hang of wrapping it securely and simply.  Took me too many wraps to make it stay. Lacey's have a very elegant simplicity to them.  She said it took her several tries to get that hang of it, too.

Meleah also used some Fool's Gold from GPNC & she added a little charm
We also quickly found out that the tumbled stones were way to slick for us rookies.  That'll take a little practice. So we went to the stones from the nature center.

Lacey tried her first ring from some GPNC amethyst
Thanks, Lacey!! Can't wait to play with this some more when I get to AZ.  Want to do some key rings, too.

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