Sunday, November 27, 2016

Necktie Necklace

Another fun Pinterest idea!

Brooke helped me pick out some fun ties at Goodwill

so she got this one for her birthday!

1.  After washing and drying, take a man's tie that has design on the skinny part of the tie.  Cut the skinny part off up near where it starts getting fat.
2.  Carefully remove the stitches from the back
3.  Remove the white batting and throw away
4.  I kinda squared off the unevenness of the tie
5.  Iron
6.  Stitch the long ends together.  Silk is tricky to sew with, so I googled the best way to do that.  Basically, use the smallest stitches your machine has. And I went over it twice.
7.  You will now have a tube, so turn the tube right-side out
8. Tie or safety pin one end of the tie.  Place wooden beads in side the tube.  Place as follows: 5 small, 3 medium, 1-3 large, 3 medium, and 5 small. Center them in the tube.
9. Take embroidery thread, or regular or metalic thread, and wind around and through each bead.

Sew up short ends and tie in bow.  You can also put necklace end caps, etc if you prefer.  I just tied in a bow.

My thing now is that I'd love to find some Razorback ties.  Wouldn't that be fun to wear on game day? 

I also looked for Christmas ties but now luck.  But I found some that were kinda Christmas colors and I just added some Christmas ribbon to them.  My Benton Fitbit peeps (who are also educators) love to do the Ugly Christmas Sweater thing.  Thought that might go good with one. Maybe after Christmas I'll find some for next year.

If it seems like a waste to you that the fat part of the tie isn't used......not to worry.  They make great starters for owls!

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