Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jacket Pillow

We met the sweetest lady in Spearfish this year.  We became fast friends and learned that she'd lost her husband of nearly 59 years earlier this year.  As we became crafting buddies, we talked about making some keepsakes out of some of his clothes.  So, when we left Spearfish in September, I took a few of his shirts and his UK jacket.  She said he wore this jacket often because he was a huge UK fan.  Their son Steve attended college there.

In October I made some aprons out of the shirts and a couple of pillows out of the jacket.  She stuffed them when I mailed them to her.  One when to her son and one will stay with her.  This was my first try to make pillows out of a jacket.  The fabric was a little thick for my machine, but it worked out fine.  I didn't do a perfect job sewing the "UK" patches on.  They kept slipping and sliding.  But once she stuffed them, they seemed to straighten out somewhat. 

Very thankful for our friendship with Marie and thankful she allowed me to try this on one of Richard's fave jackets!! 

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