Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Table Runners

Louise's runner with the perfect buttons Howard found

use buttons to dress up

Sue & Carol with Louise's tablefunners
Shirlene shortened hers to fit the rv table better
My first tablerunner
I added one big button on each end

1/2 yard  & 1/3 yard fabric and matching thread.  Stitch wrong-side out. Turn and press.  The backside becomes your border, so be sure as you are pressing that the border is the same width on both sides. On backside bring ends to a point, pin, stitch, and flip. Adorn with buttons, etc on the ends.

Thx Louise!!!

Thxgiving runner I made for Brenda's daughter
runner for Lisa's housewarming
cranford and kathey's runner
justin and brooke's runner
3-25-12:  not sure why i can't get my margin to line up to the left - but oh well.  Today I made a table runner for my friend Jerri with Llano fabric.  Then I used some extra fab I had from the pie carriers to make a skinny runner for our rv table.  
Christmas runners for Linda Sue and Edith
Jerri's birthday runner with enough left for one coaster
My skinny runner
My Christmas runner
Made this one for Gus in April, 2012.  He's already asked for another!
Gus' runner in his house

Brooke's tablerunner

June, THX for the written instruction!!  I think if you click on this you can make it bigger
3-6-13:  Made these last week in crafts at JCRV.  A hit again this year!

Shirlene's runner


Leanne lucked out and found this great fab at a resale shop for 50 cents for each  YARD

Leanne came back this week and added flowers!

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