Friday, February 3, 2012

Flower Child

ribbon flower handstitched with button center

Made a flower out of ribbon scraps and buttons.  And a needle and thread.

tshirt material
Made one by twisting and twisting and twisting a strip or tshirt material.

I'm finally getting to sew flowers!!
Ina, who is teaching us to make the wire-wrapped jewelry, came over and asked to trade some jewelry for some of my flowers!  THAT made me feel great!

Made these with scraps.  Once they are laundered, the ends become frayed ( I like that look ).  I then iron lightly and sew to the t-shirt scarves.

Feb, 2013:  I bought a couple of wool blazers at a resale shop for $1 each, chopped them up and made flowers.  Connie also gave me some of her beautiful flannel scraps to make some.  These are soooo easy.  Just freehand cut about 6 large "pedals", hot glue together. Then cut 5 medium size pedals, hot glue onto the 6.  Finally, cut 4 small pedals, glue on.  Embellish with beads, stones, buttons, etc in the center.  One look I like, is stacked buttons.  (I didn't get a pic of that before I gave it away).

Hot glue a small piece of felt to the back and glue on a pin.  These flowers can be used on jackets, dresses, purses, tablerunners, hair, scarves.  For hair and scarves, it'd be best to glue a hair clippy to the back and not use a pin. Ouchie.

3-6-13:  Jeanette made a denim flower today.  She hot-glued the pedals, then glued a bit of fab between some of the pedals to give it some lift.  So smart!

My version

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