Tuesday, February 7, 2012

fabric coasters

Finished products


My Canadian friend, Louise, taught us how to make these cloth coasters.  Very simple.  And what's cool about them is that they slip over the bottom part of a stem glass and stay with your glass.  That way you'll always know which is yours -- assuming each coaster isn't exactly alike.

notice how it slips on the wine glass

Louise leading the way

We had 12-15 ladies in the clubhouse this morning -- everyone busy as bees -- making these for the Valentine's Dinner.  These will be from Tom and Lisa.  What a great time we had!  Sewing machines set up all over clubhouse.  Some ladies cutting fabric, some pinning, some sewing, some turning them right side out, some ironing.  It was a sweat shop!  We had so much fun together.

I think this will be good Christmas or wedding gifts -- maybe add the stem glasses with them.

the 5 pieces needed

"weave" them together before pinning

To make:  you will need 5 pieces of 4 1/2 inch squares of fabric per coaster.  Fold and press 4 of them in half and place together open ends out.


Place 5th piece on top, upside down.  Pin and stitch together around edges.  Clip the corners diagonally.  Turn right-side out and poke out the corners with fingers or object.  Press again.  You are done!

February 2013:  We made more coaster for Valentine's Day at JCRV. We had quite an assembly line!  Jerri and Shirlene ironed.

Connie at the machine
Carol and Maxine clipping and flipping
Kathy had a hard time dealing with imperfection
I was just fine with it
Sue and the girls "weaving" the fab

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