Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adult bibs

I saw this idea on Pinterest as an apron from a man's shirt.  I revised it to make adult bibs that require no reaching around to the back to fasten.

First, cut off sleeves

Then, cut from just below armpit to the collar, cut back of shirt off, leaving collar intact
Input from Edith:  She told me today that the buttons are a problem for the elderly.  So next time, I may sew velcro behind the buttons and over the buttonholes.

3-25-12:  I got on a roll today!! I was a machine!! A sewing machine!!  Here are 8 bibs I made today.  The other day Pat from TN stuck his head out of his camper to chat and pointed out that he had spaghetti on his shirt.  I told him I sometimes make some cool bibs and he said he sure would wear one.  So he sure did get one!

8 bibs I made out of thrift store shirts
Pat from TN with his new bib!
Mary and Glenna wearing my bibs

Stan also got one of the bibs I made

See?  I knew he'd need it!
Pat wore his to the cookout
Tom rec'd his when we visited in Waco
Pinky -- your next one will be PINK
David's Razorback bib

The Bib Brigade - Scott, Greg, and Linda Sue
Linda Sue and Greg in their new bibs
I wore mine to the Dixie Stampede

( loved this cool email I got from Joan from KY) Becky, just wanted to let you know that a lady we volunteer with, borrowed one of the "bibs" you gave us to use as a pattern. She teaches women in Niger how to sew. She thought this would be a good project for them to make and sell in their little stores. You're making difference across the globe!! Joan

Grandpa in his new bib - Dec 2012
Garry and Marshall are super excited about their new Christmas bibs
Matthew was the happy one in this pic! Bib guys: Garry, Marshall, Brad, and Don
Billy was too sick to eat with us, but got his later.  Seems to like it (or it's the meds)
Dan got his bib on Christmas Day 2012
Jeff's is western style
It took Cranford going in the hospital before he wore the bib I made him, Jan '13
Jimmy Wright might've missed the idea! haha. Jan '14




Air Capital RV Park, Wichita -- Summer 2015


  1. So there are no strings attached? Just an old shirt cut down on the sides & open the buttons to put the bib over the head? And maybe put some velcro ties in place of the buttons...that's all?

    1. Yes! That and a little hemming along the raw edges. They only need to open about one button to get it over their head, but Velcro is a great idea for feeble fingers. I have another post called Man Shirt Aprons along the same line.

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  3. I have been searching for an adult pattern for our local nursing home. They had asked if I could make some that didn't look like a bib. This will fit the bill for the guys!!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

    1. I'm so glad this work for you!! Thx for your comment & I'd love to see pix of your finished products!

  4. It looks to me like the bibs sag a little on the sides. I would trim them back and also sew the front closed from the last button down to the bottom hem. I made one for a girlfriend and she really liked it. I recycled one of my husband's old shirts.

  5. Hi HTBT, I have just stumbled across your site and what a lucky stumble!! I work in aged care in Queensland Australia and this is certainly an idea I will be sewing up very soon for our residents. Thank you sew much. Cheers Gilly

  6. Thx Gilly! I'm glad you like the idea!