Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Something Borrowed.......

I was inspired by the pix above as a little keepsake I could surprise Laura with to wear under one of the layers of her wedding dress.

I thought she could wear it under one of the layers of her wedding dress, not to be seen.  The penny would go in her shoe.

The blue bow is one of the tiny bows that her Grandma Mac made when she was still sewing.

I wrapped it up in a cute little box, tied with some of her gold wedding ribbon, laid it on the table in her "bride's room" at the Collins Bldg.  Then got busy with other details and FORGOT to give it to her. It did end up in her gift bags that she took with her on her honeymoon.  She told me later that she got such a kick out of the card I'd put on the box.  I'd written:

Something old
Something new
Something Borrowed
Something NEW
And a penny for your shoe

Ok, so I was in just a little bit of a hurry.  Thankfully, she thought it was "cute" and funny.

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