Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ring Bearer Pillow

other than the garter, these are the materials I used

I'd been bummed that I was not in Texarkana to help Laura and Amy with the wedding preps.  So I was THRILLED when she asked me if I could make the ring bearer pillow while still in Wichita.  So excited that she trusts me enough to give it a try!  She told me to just pick an off-white, cream color and other than that I could do whatever I wanted.

Of course, I checked Pinterest for ideas and materials.  I needed satin and medium heat fusion for the fabric. Then I chose some tulle ribbon, and pre-made fabric and some skinny gold and maroon ribbons.

I ended up taking the maroon ribbon off, but I tied fake wedding bands on with the gold ribbon.

Laura seemed so happy with how it turned out!  Which made me so happy!. Our handsome little ring bearer, Jackson Lemley, asked Laura if he could keep it.   She was happy to pass that keepsake on to him. He is such a cool kid!

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