Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I was honored that Laura Lee asked me to make the boutonnieres for her wedding.  I bought some fake ones in KS, just in case.  I watched videos online before heading to Texarkana since this was my first try.  They make it look very simple.  And, actually, it was!  So the night before the wedding I made about a dozen.  Only needed 7, but Amy handed me a dozen roses and some baby's breath, so I went to town.

First, cut the stem as so.  Leave the green part under the bloom or the petals will fall off. (yes, I know this from my first try)

the floral wire (18) goes through the stem just under the flower

then bring it down and twist, then snip it to the length you'd like

wrap nice and tight with floral tape

add baby's breath and more floral tape, fold up at bottom

For a suit or tux lapel they may need 2 pins.  For a shirt, only one. (I watched videos on that, too)
Since I wasn't sure what they'd be wearing, I put 2 pins in each.

Gus getting pinned

Super happy with how they turned out and that I got to get a refund on the fake ones!

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