Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ruffled Neckwrap

Edith's 2014 Mom's Day gift
This pattern is by twistedstitcher and is very easy.  Love the neat, tidy look. Thanks for introducing this to me, Dawn!  I used a couple of different yarns -- cotton, linen, silk mix.  So I think it'll be comfy for a spring scarf and the colors will make it work for early fall as well. Love the button I found at Joanne's.

 yarn for the ruffle
for the body
This took me about 200 yds.  I used sizes 5 and 6 needles. I didn't buy these yarns to go together.  But love the look!  The button really pulled the colors together.

made another one this fall and added one of Wanda's buttons

nice 2 or 3 day project

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