Sunday, October 5, 2014

Watch Locket

Totally want to try to make some of these.  Patrick Sheehy made this one for Joan.  He just got a watch from a resale shop, took the hands of and smoothed the face with sandpaper and inserted Joan and their precious grandson.  Love it!

David did this one for me!  I love it!

Found the above watch at Carolyn's Closet on the AR side and David got me fixed up!

Brooke & I used to sport these big ole Twinkie watches, so it was only right that I use mine to make a watch locket for her. She's rockin' it along with her jamberry nails!

I made this one for myself with Laura's wedding pic.  Edith got one of these, too, with a blingy watch.  Which she had donated to the cause.

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