Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gallatin Scarf

Great pattern that's free on
It's a 2 evening project while watching TV.  Or as Dawn says, a good one while traveling.

my first 2 have already found a home

I used some Queensland Kathmandu Chunky yarn for this -- Merino'Silk/Cashmere

Berroco Comfort (nylon/acrylic) made up into one soft scarf
beautiful stepdaughter, Crystal, rocked this one for Black Friday shopping 2014

You can keep going or stop any time on the "ridges" at the top of the scarf.  The thing I learned on this pattern is that casting on at the beginning of each row really is a thing!  Kinda stumped me for a minute.  But, like everything else in knitting, there's a demo on the internet.  So I used the backwards loop cast on for each for -- sort of.  I did the BL onto the left needle.  So really, it was probable a backwards backwards loop.

one of the softest Noro's I've used -- feels like a cotton ball

love this pattern

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aren't the colors great?

Rocky likes to pose for his pic, too
10-24-15:  I made the 2 scarves below as a "thx" for a couple of ladies who helped with Laura's wedding!

for Toni Kemp Lemley for making Laura's veil

for Betty Sue Nix for organizing the reception and keeping the wedding process going

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