Thursday, May 2, 2013


So David wanted some earwarmers for his chilly morning walks.  And I love to wear them myself. In browsing the patterns on ravelry, sooo many of the ladies' patterns were not done in the round and use a button or such to fasten them.  Love that look, but I want them in the round.

So I just use the first part of the Relax, Man hat pattern (the brim) for my earwarmers.

There is usually enough yarn left after making a hat to use for the earwarmers and flowers!
Shhh, these are for Justin and Brooke's bday

for the ladies, I'll add a knitted flower

For the ladies, I use a size 6 needle and cast on 88 stitches.  For the guys maybe a size 7.  Row 1, knit to the back, then knit one all the way around.  Row 2: knit to the back, purl one all the way around.

I do about 12 repeats and bind off using a stretchy bind off:  Knit 2 (or purl), insert left needle in the fronts of these 2 stitches and knit or purl the 2 stitches together. Knit or purl one more stitch.  Insert left needle into the front of the 2 stitches on the right needle and knit the 2 together. Repeat to end of row.  One stitch remains on needle.

Brooke's bday earwarmers

Sherryl and I bartered -- 5 earwarmers for one of her concrete pieces (other post)
Dee modeling her earwarmers
Myrna in her purple w/black flowers earwarmers

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