Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eyelet Lace Scarf

This little kerchief pattern can be purchased from Fiber Trends.  I used Bamboo yarn for my first one.  Gotta love the feel of bamboo!

It was a very well explained pattern, easy to follow.  I did find that I needed to be able to focus and count on every row!  But worth it.  Doesn't take long at all.  Will def try this one again.

I tried bigger needles on this second one -- size 9 -- still used 100% bamboo yarn

3-17-14:  Wore this one today for St. Patrick's Day along with Wanda's kerchief clip -- in honor of her birthday.

Laurie Tullos is rockin this one out of the greenish bamboo yarn

Emily Campbell looks great in the blue one with her blue eyes

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