Monday, December 9, 2013


Over that past few years I've cut up a LOT of button-up shirts to make bibs or aprons.  I saved all the cuffs off of them in the hopes that eventually I'd find some sort of fun craft to do with them.  Below are some pix I found on the internet.  And after that are some pix of the ones I put together this afternoon.  They can be used as bracelets, coffee cozies, napkin holders, wrappers for rolled up gifts such as pillowcases,  or sewing needle holders.  I'm sure some of my creative friends can think of other uses.

In November, my father-in-law had me go through my late mother-in-law's sewing notions.  Well, I found 2 cans of treasure!  Vintage buttons!

 I had fun using some of them on the cuff/bracelets. (I'll use some for sock critters, too!)

button bracelets or needle holders
blingy vintage buttons on a flannel Columbia cuff
wonderful button
wool flowers pinned on
knitted flowers
bow bracelets with scrap fabric
smaller sizes for a special little someone
needle holder - front



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